Visualize Your Perfect Day

“If you can SEE it, it will come to you…”

If you haven’t seen the Infographic I made a few days ago, you can see it on the bottom of this newsletter once again.  I promised to take a few minutes each day over the next nine days, and feature one of the practices I presented. 

There is great value in taking some self-care time each morning upon waking.  Why?  Simply put, the day gets away from us!  Suddenly you realize that you are living everyone else’s life but your own. 

You are stressed, distracted, and sometimes even exhausted.  I know. I have been there too.

Well, I highly recommend you try these nine practices, each lasting not more
than a minute or two, and see what lights you up.  See what makes you feel calmer and more peaceful, and gives you a really good start to your day.   That way, maybe it won’t get away from you!

Here is practice #1 (this can be done when you first wake up too, before you even leave your bed!)

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