Hi, I’m Diane L. Sussman, Certified Transformation Coach

Aligned Feminine Life and Leadership Coaching

Bringing your natural visions and potential to a new level of Healing, Clarity, and Feminine Mastery… Are you ready to evolve your beautiful self? Do you want a Guide by your Side?

How I Began: A Dream and a Challenge

After an autoimmune diagnosis in the very beginning of my dance career, I truly experienced my ”dark night of the soul”. Moving to NYC to pursue my dream of choreographing and dancing and not being able to fulfill that dream because of illness was truly disheartening. In that time and thankfully found healing practices to turn my health around. Already a Certified Alexander Technique teacher, I was now able to include powerful energetic healing and mindfulness practices to heal, and what I learned about my own healing led to a passion to heal others too.

There are a lot of ways that we are held back and we hold ourselves back. You may know you have a problem like I did. Physical injuries and pain are one big clue, but it’s less obvious on the emotional/energetic side.

You can feel the pain and you know you’re not happy. But, often, you need someone to help you identify and work through whatever the “it” is that is holding you back. I know, I’ve lived this.

Spiritual Healing, Reiki, The Alexander Technique and Training in Psychology:

Over the years, I have used these modalities to help hundreds of men and women gain mastery of their own body and mind for living an amazing life.

I want that for you too. As a Spiritual Healer and Life Coach, I will GUIDE you in the very best way possible, to find your healing alchemy too, just as I did for me. We can remove the pain so you can enjoy YOUR unique gifts and talents unencumbered. A tall order, I know. But having someone to believe in you, as I had, makes a world of difference.

Where I am now:

Guiding bright, sensitive, creative Entrepreneurs and Light Workers through a holistic process of personal Life Coaching that is anchored in the body and energetic healing that can move them out of the doubts and fears that have kept them stuck in old habits and ways of being, to swiftly move forward by releasing struggle and creating clarity and momentum, so that they can truly thrive in their businesses and personal lives.

What’s in it for you:

Where there is joy, you will find inspiration for your body of work, but you have to love your body, mind and beautiful spirit. To do that, you might need to:

  • Identify and release blocks
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Stop the sabotage
  • Create space for creativity and passion
  • Connect your new values and vision
  • Plan your action

Taking these steps will get you into the flow zone where you will create energy rather than exhaustion.

Imagine having clarity and confidence and a body that is 100% energetically aligned. Then picture yourself expressing your own authentic voice. Next, consider that you’ll be brave enough to speak up and finally be heard and your will know yourself to be living your very best life!. And imagine finally lifting the veil on the less tangible, missing or illusive reasons you’re not moving forward. That is the work that we do together.

Let me help you rekindle that desire that matches the wellspring of your creative potential. If that makes sense to you, let’s start working together today.