Hi from Diane! Let me tell you about myself…

Where I Started:

Coming to NYC with $300 in my pocket and a dream of starting my own dance Company took a lot of courage and vision. I had that, and was ready!

But then something I didn’t expect happened; I developed an Autoimmune Syndrome with debilitating side effects including fatigue and pain. I always said that I crawled to my first Healing lesson, and it took everything I had to get better.

But as my mother used to say, everything has a silver lining and my emerging success story was very much about silver linings; synchronicities and mysteries revealed! 

I met Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Body Experts, Tibetan Khempos,studied numerous Healing Modalities, learned Yoga from the best (before it was popular!) and found the Alexander Technique which literally saved me from years of back pain. 

So I was able to carry on with my studies and eventually created Theater of the Heart, a cooperative Dance Company that brought countless performances to the New York area.

I healed from my disease with the help of miracles and magic potions, and was on my spiritual path to discover cutting edge practices that I still teach today!

Where I am NOW:

Transformational Life Coach, Alexander Technique Teacher and Healer, bringing my 35 years of learning, training, and teaching directly to you.

Because I have spent so much time developing my unique brand of energetic Holistic Healing and Coaching, you get the value of all those years of trial and error, of practice and self development. I work with all the levels of the Whole Person; Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic, and Spiritual.

You get me, a very holistic teacher and Guide for your Spiritual Integration and

Wellbeing. My skillful eye and hands-on approach to personal development and Feminine Leadership is uniquely my own, and I want to share it with you.

Let’s connect for a Clarity Breakthrough Call to find out where you are in your life right now, and what your dreams and aspirations are.

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Transformational Coaching with Diane L. Sussman

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