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Do you have a Healed Vision for your Life? As you REALLY Heal your Body, all the way to the cellular level and beyond, and you heal your Money Story by shifting out of the scarcity mindset that so many women are prone to, and know how to find flow and ease in communication with loved ones, you then see what starts to really shift in your life. You are FREE to blossom…

Hi, I’m Diane, and I am here to tell you that you are already whole, perfect, complete.

But if you are feeling stressed out, exhausted, distracted, and living everyone’s else’s life but your own, maybe we should talk!

I am a Holistic Healer and Life Coach and deeply committed to feminine leadership, and my joy is seeing my clients SHINE in their lives and businesses by stepping into their highest expression of the Divine that lives within. Book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me today!

“And what are you going to do with your one precious life?” Mary Oliver

Welcome to my website! Take a look around, and see yourself belonging here as the creative, inspired person that you truly are, beyond the “shoulds” or “oughts”, beyond the feelings of “not enough” or not quite “ready”, and see a picture of you dancing in your greatness.

Isn’t it time to stop being stuck recreating over and over what hasn’t served you in the past? I am declaring here and now that it is time to come fully into your potential, because you deserve to manifest what it is that you really, really want in life and not have to wait. This means to own your value, step into your power and – no excuses – to come into alignment with being whole and complete as you already are. Yes, this is the secret. To love yourself. To embody your true expression as a creator. No more struggling.

Be courageous my dear! Be willing and ready to turn a corner in your sweet life. To be done with the old, frustrating ways of living your life “less than”, where judgment and rejection ruled the day. Come play! Come design your future self! Come dream it up!

I am dedicated to igniting your sublime well being, your delicious, sensuous expression of self, your ability to step into your future simply by being more YOU. You already are that! No kidding, your full expression of being is already here.

You see, I help strong, educated, talented women in mid life to (re) claim their power and step up and SHINE in their lives. To create legacies or businesses that matter to them. To let go of the history that has kept them stuck, angry, unfulfilled.

I see you in your greatness. Beyond the distractions, the exhaustion, the “living everyone else’s life but your own”, to instead dive deep into the capable and confident person you are in your soul being, and from THAT place to tap into the wellspring of your own creativity.


To envision your future with grace, with flow, with meaning and connection to SELF and others. And then step into it.

This work is alchemical. It is more about igniting the spark that has lived inside of you for YEARS, and is waiting to come out.

How am I the one to help you get there? Because I know. I get you. This was me too. I was exhausted, distracted, disconnected, and not even speaking up about my needs and desires.

And you know what that led to? Despair. Misery. Missing out. Real unhappiness. Feeling Disempowered. No voice. No joy. Self Doubt. Self Criticism.

AHH. I believe the magic all starts with self-care. Actually, even more than that, with self love. Does that sound weird? It’s not. It is an act of self love to claim the desires of your heart, and then get the support that can catapult you on your way.

AND standing for yourself. Learning how to re-program your brain to let go of doubt and fear, and know beyond a doubt that you have value and genius inside of you. It is just a matter of getting there, and that is what the coaching is about.

So how does the coaching go here? Well, it is customized to you. But it is definitely about healing the past, freeing yourself from the shackles of expectation from others, and it is Divining a Feminine Magical exploration into your true desires from the place of the Divine Feminine. You must ask yourself what it is that you most want to manifest in your life going forward. We can figure this out together, and the way in is precisely by guiding you into your own presence and into seeing (and speaking from) your inner experience…trusting your inner knowing, your intuition, and your creativity.

Let Yourself Be Soul Inspired.

Let your Voice Be Heard, The Music In You To Be Unleashed, Your Dance To Begin…

Coaching Professional Women to connect with their soul purpose and BE the leaders of their own lives.

Diane L. Sussman has been helping women with physical and emotional pain feel better, and create from their sensitive, talented potential future selves for more than 30 years. She is a trained Dancer, Spiritual Healer, Alexander Technique Teacher, and Holistic Life Coach. The most important thing to know about Diane is how much she cares about your creativity and well being on all the levels; physically, emotionally and energetically.