Hello Beauty!

Are you ready for your up-leveling adventure?

What would it feel like to have more time, more peace, more financial ease? What if you could invest your precious energy creating YOUR dream and move forward with YOUR heart’s desires?

Is your dream always just a little out of reach? Are you investing in everyone except YOU leaving you spent? How long have you put your own creations, goals and dreams on hold?

The world needs you to take care of you NOW

Your creativity and sensitivity makes you UNIQUE, SPECIAL, EXQUISITE. Your specific gifts are a necessary element in this world. But, if you’re not living your passion, it’s likely that you’re hurting yourself and not pursuing your purpose.

Here’s the problem:

If, like most women, you find yourself running on empty for too long or are too exhausted to devote time to your unique purpose, then it’s time to change. It’s time to get to the core essence of YOU.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel stressed out, exhausted, distracted or living a life you no longer recognize. You just have to first, make a decision and then declare your future.

This is your time

These are amazing times we are living in and capitalizing on it is just a decision away. First, you deserve to take the time and REALLY learn your value. Then you can acknowledge the value you bring to the world and the gap between what you’re brining today and what you want to do for the future. Then you can create a meaningful life that energizes you. Once, you do, you’ll RISE to your next level of Self Mastery the easy way. HOW? By trusting in and believing in yourself, and following the bread crumbs that have already been dropped for you.

I’m here to help

My passion and mission is to guide my clients to SHINE in their lives and businesses. It’s time to release the feeling that you have to wait to get what you want. Together, we’ll empower you to step fully into your highest expression of the Divine that wants to be let out. NOW.

Coaching Intuitive, Creative Women to connect with their Soul Purpose and BE the leaders of their own lives.
About Diane L. Sussman

Diane L. Sussman has been called “The Queen of Calm” by long term clients. She is The Sovereign Woman’s Coach, helping women to grow in clarity, confidence and self-knowing. Her techniques help clients move from fearful to fierce, giving themselves total permission to thrive and shine in their heart-centered businesses, and to build a legacy that relies on truly being seen, heard and respected. She brings her extensive training in dance, yoga, The Alexander Technique, as well as thousands of hours of Energetic Healing into her Life Coaching with clients. The most important thing to know about Diane is how much she cares about revealing your well being on all the levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually; she is here to coach you to draw on your inner truth and become the beacon of light for others, thereby fulfilling your true purpose, for more influence and meaning in YOUR life.