This is a time to look around, notice your space, and roll up your sleeves…

I love spring.  The winter takes a bit of a toll on me; the lethargy sets in when the weather is dismal, but spring?  Time to let go an breathe in!

You know all of those stacks of papers on your desk that have accumulated dust?  The little sticky notes all over the place, the mantel that needs some serious dusting?  it’s time…

I don’t know if you know me well, but I have a sub personality that I call “The De-Clutter Police”.

Really!  They see me coming, those clients who I can just feel are stuck in resistance and anxiety about their home space.  Having spent too much time in procrastination and overwhelm, we all get into some serious trouble by spring.

So let’s get into action!  Now, also knowing me, I am going to tell you to start slow and breathe!  Just notice how you are feeling in this moment.  Is there anxiety, inertia…or it’s opposite friend, frenzy and rushing?  Either way, your energy is taking a hit.  

I want you back on even street.  Feeling really good in your body AND ready to de-clutter, even if it is moving one piece of paper from were it doesn’t belong back to a home for itself.  

Can you do one piece of paper?  No?  OK.  Then how about just consciously looking at your space, and deciding on one teeny tiny area that you are going to bring your love and attention to? 

Next week I will go Live on FB and zoom, so look for an invitation for Friday March 31 at 12:00 EDT/9:00am PDT, and we will do the meditations, mindfulness and action steps to kickstart this process, but here are a few tips to get you in the mood…

  1. Know this will bring up resistance:

Resistance is normal. Remember that we have an ancient operating system in the brain called the amygdala, and it is set up to keep you from doing anything new because it feels unsafe to your susvival! I am surprised that we get anything at all done, but you want to find tricks to out smart it. so that you don’t go into fight, flight or freeze and sabotage your plans.

2. Breathe:

Breathe in pure awareness and possibility and breathe out tension and anxiety. Fill your body with life-giving oxygen and just look around

3.Ask your body how it feels right now, and where it feels anxiety or upset

Your body will give you clues, so pay attention and listen. Keep breathing in and out, and notice what is coming up for you

4. Now we are ready to drop into consciousness:

Allow the mind to do whatever it does in this moment and do not judge. Say to yourself “I am here”. “I am Now.” “I accept.” “I allow”.

How was that for you? Se we didn’t even do anything yet. We just quieted the body/mind to allow something different to happen. Doing something different than the usual plan, often one of “Oh no, this is not going to happen!” can give over to “What does it matter”. Because here there is possibility and spaciousness.

It is only when you give yourself the gift of spaciousness that something new and surprising can take the place of resistance.

So if you are someone that goes easily into overwhelm when thinking about de-cluttering your home, which is what this article is helping with, I invite you to come to my class on March 31st and come into community around spring cleaning! (If you come after the date, you can always find my FB Lives in my group Healing Into Abundance Inner Circle in FB Groups.) It doesn’t have to be all and everything. It doesn’t have to even be a whole room, like your garage, or basement, or desk. We can really take things slow, just one step at a time, and start to listen gently to what your body and heart are saying to you.

Sound good? Ready to do a little sweeping away of the old and bringing in the new fresh air of spring? Remember I am the de-clutter police, but in a good way.



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