So here is my question; have you ever had the niggling feeling that you aren’t quite matching up with your own expectations of success in what you set out to accomplish?  Do you know what that is about?  Do you keep having feelings of frustration that you aren’t achieving your goals fast enough?  If so, could it be possible that there a voice in your head saying your are not quite “good enough” to get the project done, or done right, and so you abandon it?

When you have the time to spend on what really matters, say on a Saturday morning with the whole day ahead of you, does your creativity and magic start to come on line for you?  Or is there a little voice inside that is censoring and judging and literally not letting you move forward with your ideas?

I am wondering this because I recently polled my subscribers and was really surprised by the answers given.  I asked “what stands in the way from excelling in the goals you have set for yourself this New Year, and if you feel you might have lost the thread of your plans and desires?”

The BIGGEST answer I received was that people didn’t feel worthy or “Good Enough” to receive the steps needed to complete the project (for example, getting on a regular exercise routine, or losing 10 pounds, or starting a dream project/business that would really make them happy).

Really?  Do we really self sabotage that much to not get traction on our desires?  Do we de-rail that fast?

So now I am VERY curious about this topic.  It is the world of MINDSET.  This sits on top of everything else we do in life.  So I ask, what do you think gets in the way of manifesting your dreams and desires?

Let’s start with the topic of organizing your life.  I mean, getting down to the details of creating a life you love.  Look around your room right now.  Is there an object in the room that you can resource, so that you feel anchored and free enough to explore this idea with me?  

(I see a statue of Kwan Yin on my meditation alter.  It is really calming and beautiful to behold.  I exhale even looking at her.  I also have associations; she is the Buddha of Compassion, so she reminds me to be more kind and grateful.  I let go of the masculine “doer” that seems to overtake me most often, and release a little bit of panic that leads to overwhelm….)

Notice what happens when you can resource something in your environment to be this anchor for your own body.  Notice the subtle and tiny shifts.  Can you track it in your body?  A resource gives you a greater field of support for whatever is coming up for you.  By doing it consciously you can actually track changes inside.  You see more, become more present, feel uplifted.

I know myself pretty well, and I bet you do too.  Things can go spinning out of control pretty fast as I layer all of the ideas and projects of my “to do” list, and start to get disconnected from the actual doing.

 Resourcing an object is something I learned from a Trauma specialist, to give ourselves a sense of belonging and anchoring so that we can stay more fully present in our bodies while getting triggered.  (Triggering is “Flight of Flight” response, hard-wired from millions of years ago in the human nervous system, that tends to infect and de-rail our creativity and productivity).

Then on top of that, our minds are going a mile a minute analysing and judging everything that is going on too.  So if there is an inner critic also letting you know that you are not doing it right, or well enough, you are loading on an even bigger burden to the mix.

What if there was no inner judge telling us we’re not doing it right?  Not doing it well enough.  What if instead we just asked our inner guidance what is the best and most important thing to do now…and then decide what the first step would be?  No inner critic; no negative overlay?

In truth, we are holistic beings. We aren’t talking heads or disconnected bodies. We are a psycho-physical whole, which is a good thing! We can live comfortably in our bodies with breath and feeling and awareness bringing much love and light to our lives.

We can fill our days with creativity and delight, but we MUST have a way to stop the negative inner critic and thoughts of “less than”. How to do that? Gently, with love, look at the thoughts and feelings behind them, and give ourselves time to let go of what is not serving us. “I’m not good enough” gives way to “I am good enough, worthy enough”. I am a child of G-d and I deserve to be, have, and do whatever I want, create whatever I want, explore whatever I want.

Hey I get it. There are plenty of people out there telling you that you are not good enough. Don’t listen to them. Find your strength within; breathe it out, dance it out, lift weights, get physical, and then…give that little voice a shove for good!

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