Morning Rituals #9

Take time for yourself, to quiet the mind, and FEEL appreciation for your life…

We are up to our last Morning Ritual to Slow the Stress in Just 10 Minutes a Day!  Woo Hoo!  You made it!

This morning ritual may be a bit illusive or challenging, depending upon what emotions are stirring up for you throughout your day/night. I myself woke up this morning with a lot of sadness and maybe even some regret about things long past. 

But that’s part of life, and how we flow and actually HEAL from past events/trauma/relationships…you name it!  We humans are complex beings. Memories will often come up out of the blue, and take us for a ride. It is especially in these times that connecting and anchoring within yourself is important.

You are the Master of your own well being. You are also the only one who can bring balance to your emotions, and connect with the greater field of life. that is where the magic is. Because in making the conscious effort to listen to the whispers of the self, you give yourself the opportunity to live fully present to ALL of life.

This 9th Morning Ritual is simply to take a minute or two and connect deeply within yourself, and really feel appreciation and gratitude. Make a conscious connection with something you are grateful for; a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator ready to eat at any time; the grass under your feet, someone in your life who cares about you… 

As usual, I have a short video to offer some ideas for how to slow down and connect with gratitude.    Enjoy!  

As you breathe, slow down, and connect deeply with your body, allow your appreciation for life to bubble up…

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