I know I say this every year, but spring is time to de-clutter! Really, any time is, but I feel that extra desire to fly free in the spring. So here is my latest de-cluttering story…

Last week my siblings (my brother and sister) and I flew down to Florida from our respective homes, to help my parents get ready for the sale of their house.  It was a week of de-cluttering, for sure!  I was happy to be there, and we got down to business; each room, each drawer got an overhaul.  We were organized and efficient, and by the end of the week we had 32 black garbage bags filled with trash, and an entire garage of give-aways, including pretty much all of my childhood memorabilia. 

What was so surprising, was how easy this project was to do for someone else, so why is it so hard to do for myself?  Can you relate?  Have you ever decided to de-clutter your own home, and started with energy and glee to get going, only to drag your heels and start procrastinating instead?  URG. Well, since I am still on the wings of my productive week last week, here are a few suggestions for you, if you are thinking about rolling up your sleeves and doing some serious spring cleaning… 

Decide on one room or closet. Take everything out of it. Clean well. Then CHOOSE what you will put back in. There are two other piles; one goes to the garbage and one goes to good will (charity). Call the charity of your choice, and keep those black bags in one place till garbage day.

Sound easy? Nope! Things will come up. Remember these things represent your past (in my case, my whole childhood!) and they hold a vibration, which needs to be loved into healing. Of course you can keep everything, but do you really want to?

Then there were the family dynamics. That too, but that is for another day.



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