What People Are saying about working with Diane:



“The guidance I received from Diane comes from such an authentic, natural place. She is powerfully intuitive and uses her gifts with a gentle, positive energy.    Diane’s unique way of sharing her wisdom is exceptional, and she has led me with grace and loving compassion every step of the way.  I have tapped into a deep place of knowing that I am on my path to realizing my dreams, and I am forever grateful.”

Debra Fisher, MBA, Carlsbad, California

I have been talking up a storm about Diane's “Heart of Money” course to friends: the best testimonial I can offer!  Diane has been a fantastic coach; timely with her comments; exquisitely attuned to my needs, my personality type, and right on target with it all. If you want to focus on money to change your life, please consider taking her course; it will change your relationship to both.

Ute Arnold, MFA, Body-Psychotherapist, Artist, Author,

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania 

" Diane has very quickly brought me to a place that I seriously never thought I could get to on my own. We have been working together less than 6 months, and at first we went through her amazing Money Breakthrough Method program, and now I am thinking about one of my dreams, and that is to open my own flower arrangement  business.  I did not expect to start doing real work in the world so fast.  Diane has a perfect combination of honesty and encouragement that has helped me to change very quickly.  I love working with her, and expect things to keep changing for me as I uncover more and more of my potential. "

Barb Pichon, Old Bridge, NJ

"Diane Young is a gifted and generous teacher.  Diane has truly changed my life for the better: through the Alexander Technique she has helped me replace the patterns that were causing constant pain with an empowering ability to move through the world with control and ease.  Diane's instruction and the Alexander Technique have become important tools for living a healthy, happy and painless life."
Thaler Pekar, Entrepreneur

"When my Doctor recommended the Alexander Technique for headaches, I picked Diane Young from a long list of providers, in part because her office was conveniently located.  What a fortuitous choice!  Diane's extensive knowledge, lovely manner and healing touch have had a positive and long-lasting impact on my health and well-being.  An intuitive and gifted teacher, Diane imparts her wisdom while also helping clients incorporate the lessons into their own self care routines for a holistic and refreshingly practical approach."
Mara Bragg, Publishing

"Diane is a phenomenal teacher.  She connected immediately to the way I was moving and identified habits that had caused me ongoing difficulty and pain.  Working with her changed my posture and the way I move."
Katie Gentile, Director of Graduate Studies, John Jay University

"Diane is an extremely effective Alexander Technique instructor.  She always comes up with different ways of approaching and understanding the concepts so that I was able to have a well rounded and complete understanding of the Technique.  She is also very good at linking the physical applications of the Technique with the emotional and spiritual, helping me to truly experience Alexander as a "technique for life".
Rosemary Topar, Violinist and Massage Therapist