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3 Month Private Coaching Program – Creating Your Life By Design

3 Month Private Coaching Program

Original price was: $3,400.00.Current price is: $2,997.00.


Creating a Life By Design: this is a three month intensive inner journey with a very customized high touch approach to Mastering your emotional energy and manifesting what you most truly desire in your life. We will dive into inner energy management practices, Mindset and Manifestation work to end the cycles of distraction and disorganization.  It is designed to get you closer to your life purpose and connection to yourself.  You will receive my focused coaching for releasing what no longer serves you physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that you can cultivate a profoundly new relationship with yourself.  You will receive practices to engage your vision and values,  deep connection to your own Body Wisdom, and bringing forward  your intuition and personal  power to create a healed vision for your life, bringing you more impact and  meaning in all that  you.  Go from confusion to thriving in your business and life. I am here as your Coach and Guide. Book your Clarity Breakthrough session HERE.



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