Complimentary Clarity Session with Diane L. Sussman, Transformational Wellness Coach

The 30 Day Renewal Map; Rest, Restore and Heal

Are You Still Feeling Stress from the last few years? Not quite back yet from that grueling Covid-19 experience?

I get it. Worry about our health and safety, financial vulnerability, children at home when they would otherwise be in school and losing valuable time to learn and grow…relationship stress…THAT is what I would call STRESS.

Your nervous system, that “fight or flight” response that tells you there is great danger around you, was firing ALL THE TIME.

But here’s the thing. When strong emotions or anxiety arise, we need skills to manage it all. We need an anchor of self care to get ourselves grounded again and back on track to deal with these unknown elements that have suddenly become the norm in our lives.

Well, I have been thinking of you, and I have been in my creative playground and can give you some resources that you might not have been using, but that have been there the whole time, that you can draw on to restore and actually regenerate some calm and quiet in your life. I have created something I think you are really going to like.

This is for the over-stressed, overwhelmed, “had it with everything” woman who is ready to just REST and RESTORE some balance and peace in life.

If any of these are a part of your daily life:

*Your nervous system on edge

*Losing sleep

*Angry…Stressed or Anxious…

There is a way out. The inner exploration is the best remedy for stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and general malaise.

As a highly sensitive human, where there are always 101 things you have to do for everyone else, you have the ability to come home to yourself, and allow a different vibrational frequency, that can help you move through your life with more ease, aligned with your values and desires for more conscious awareness, more flow, more connection, more freedom and peace.

So what is the “30 Day Renewal Map”?

I created a format that will only take 5-15 minutes a day to practice; a body scan, a movement sequence, a breath exploration, a meditation to name just a few… All to restore and renew the body-mind-spirit, or at least get you on your way toward more ease and balance in your frantic life.

Do you want more peace, more sustainable clarity and balance, more time to care for yourself?

Here is how it will go: We will meet in our virtual classroom, and I will guide you through the gentle, safe, and proven practices that will become the cornerstone of your self care. This is the work of my heart, that I have investigated and made my own for more than 30 years. AND I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU. Many performers, healers and artists know about these practices, which include Yoga, The Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Energy Work, but I have put it all together in a “body, mind, spirit” package just for you. This is something that is designed to take only a few minutes of your time per day, because I KNOW you are busy, and I don’t want to create more “to-do’s” on your list. But I guarantee it will make a difference in your life!

So all you have to do is come over to my “shop” and purchase that Course, “The 30 Day Renewal Map” and you will receive the immediate page to register and get your login code. Simple? Yes, I designed it that way. Enjoy! Just Click HERE to get the deal!!

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Diane L. Sussman

Founder of Healing Into Abundance

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The “30 Day Renewal Map” is created for your self care. It will help you to quiet the mind and the body, and bring balance to you holistically.


Can you imagine restoring your vitality, releasing the excess weight, feeling more flexible and energized? Start here with the “30 Day Renewal Map”!


Healing takes a lot of different avenues, but all lead to letting go of what no longer serves you in the energy bodies. We will briefly touch on the qualities of the energy field, with practices to help you help yourself feel better!

Your Renewal Is Here!

Sometimes the fastest way forward is with a guide who has done what you want to accomplish, and help you get to your goals faster…

I am ready to help.

Are you ready and willing to begin? I thought so!

The 30 Day Renewal Map with Diane L. Sussman, Transformational Life Coach

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