The 30 Day Renewal Map

Are you feeling tired, a little off your game, and exhausted from being on the Hamster wheel day after day? This 30 day program is just right for you IF you want to be gently led through a process of 5-15 minute Body, Mind and Spirit sessions with Diane Young Sussman leading you toward feeling lighter, more optimistic and simply happier in your own skin.
You will sign up for the whole series of video trainings, and you will keep the URL and Password in your favorites folder so that you can go back each day for a new training.
Over 30 days, you should see some real results; more peace, more usable energy, more lightness of being.
You MAY also get a little tone and even lose a few pounds.
Sound good? Start by purchasing the program, and let yourself be led on a journey of wholeness.
Wishing you success and great joy…Diane

Just 30 Days From Now You Could Be Better!

I am delighted that you want to work with me over these next 30 days.  You will not be disappointed!  I am honored to be your guide…Diane