You will know when it is time to be fully ready to turn a corner in your life, when there’s no more time for the old, frustrating ways of living your life “less than”, where judgment and rejection rules the day.

Come play! Design your future self! Dream it up!

Step into your sublime well being, your delicious, sensuous expression of self, your ability to step into your future simply by being more YOU. Heal from the past and step into your new present. You already are that! No kidding, your full expression of being is already here.

You see, I help strong, educated, talented women in mid life to (re) claim their power and step up and SHINE in their lives. To create legacies or businesses that matter to them. After grieving the painful past that you have actually left behind, that past that has kept you stuck, angry, unfulfilled. It is time for a new vibration, an awakening into your soul-led, feminine goddess self.

I see you in your greatness.

Beyond the distractions, the exhaustion, the “living everyone else’s life but your own”, you can dive deep into the capable and confident person you are in your soul being, and from THAT place tap into the wellspring of your own creativity.

Let’s change this together.

Envision your future with grace, with flow, with meaning and connection to SELF and others. Then step into it.

This work is alchemical. It is more about igniting the spark that has lived inside of you for YEARS and is waiting to come out.

How am I the one to help you get there?

Because I get you. This was me too. I was exhausted, distracted, disconnected, and not even speaking up about my needs and desires.

And you know what that led to? Despair. Misery. Missing out. Real unhappiness. Feeling Disempowered. No voice. No joy. Self Doubt. Self Criticism.

AHH. I believe the magic all starts with self-care. Actually, even more than that, with self love. Does that sound weird? It’s not. It is an act of self love to firsts claim the desires of your heart, then get the support that can catapult you on your way.

It’s time to stand for yourself.

Today is the day to begin learning how to re-program your brain to let go of doubt and fear, and know beyond a doubt that you have value and genius inside of you.

How does the coaching work?

Your program is customized to you. It is about identifying the unique past traumans holding you back and healing that past. You will begin freeing yourself from the shackles of expectation from others. Finally, you’ll be taking a journey of Divining a Feminine Magical exploration into your true desires from the place of the Divine Feminine.

You’ll be asking yourself what it is that you most want to manifest in your life going forward. It may be that you won’t have an answer. Finding that out is the first step. Working together to address that is the next step. The way in is precisely by guiding you into your own presence and into seeing (and speaking from) your inner experience…trusting your inner knowing, your intuition, and your creativity.

Transformation Wellness Coach, Diane L. Sussman