Healing The Vagus Nerve

Healing The Vagus Nerve for the Ultimate Stress Reduction experience!

I have always known about the autonomic nervous system as a regulator of the organ functioning in the body. What I didn’t know about, was how important the vagus nerve is in the reduction from the “Stress Response” that causes undo responses physically and emotionally, and that keeps us in the “flight-fright-freeze pattern”.

We need the fight or flight response in order to get our of danger quickly. However, in modern life, that older automatic response to danger gets overblown, and keeps us in a stress pattern that does damage to our equanimity. One could say that we in the Western world are always in a degree of stress response, because we don’t know how to turn off the sympathetic nervous system and go back to our “rest and digest” ability to cool out and stay calm! It’s like the light never turns off.

There are countless ramifications of the stress response; ongoing anxiety, tension, our breathing being disturbed (holding our breath), and irritability. These are all consequences of not being able to adequately regulate our stress levels.

But what if I could show you a 2 minute stress reducer that will calm the nervous system and regulate that response, bringing you back to equanimity and so being able to more freely go about your day with ease? Well, here it is! The Basic Exercise for the restoration of the Vagal Nerve back to the pathway it needs to move in…the Ventral Channel.

Here is a video to show you how!

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