Want to become the best version of yourself?Want to realize your potential? Or start to seed it?Maybe you’ve read books, gone to retreats, listened to podcasts… All in your search to connect with your deeper vision/ deeper self.OK. I get it, this is exhilarating yet exhausting. You have most likely spun your wheels once of twice. 

So how can you make the vision real? How can you enjoy the fruits of all your work on yourself, the results of even decades of personal development?The truth is, there is no direct path to “enlightenment”! It is just your pure, delicious, powerful insight and creativity that will lead you.

AND, there is a cycle to all of this desire and fulfillment. Just like the seasons, you have winter, spring, summer and autumn, and some of the seasons are quieter than others.We are in winter now (here in North America and Europe). It is the deep, quiet DREAMING time. 

It’s just that sometimes this time feels hard, expectant, stagnate. But don’t worry, it is just a part of the process, part of the cycle.The struggle actually doesn’t exist at all, we simply are creating stories around it and letting our emotions fuel the worst, the hardest parts.  So, my dear friends, if this is you today or this week or this month, don’t despair. Here are a few solutions to think about:Look at the thoughts you are thinking when the frustration or self-sabotage starts to come up.

Can you face those emotions by working with the thoughts themselves? Are you making a CONCLUSION about yourself or your outcomes based on the thoughts? Like I’m never going to accomplish my dreams because… it hasn’t happened yet so… I get lost in all of the details and don’t finish my creation…

Good start! Next bring yourself to a quiet place within. Close the door, turn off your computer, take a walk, and BREATHE. Just breathe and feel your body. Feel the anxiety if it is coming up. Feel the upset. (Go back and look at the thoughts if necessary).Now, start to let it go.

Let your body/mind start to expand and free itself from the tension. Relax into your being. Try to come present and feel the ground under your feet. (Our natural state is freedom. It is all the other stuff that constricts us). Releasing even a little teeny tiny bit brings fresh air and new ideas your way. 

Rinse and repeat. In other words, allow these three steps to work for you today. If something shifts, write it down in a journal. Give yourself a red heart or a gold star. See if you feel just a little bit better. THIS is called emotional fitness, and you ARE worthy of so much love and abundance!



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