Confidence Enhancers

Morning Rituals #6: There is a medicine that only comes to you when you pause momentarily and connect with yourself in a compassionate and loving way. Do you affirm yourself on a daily basis? This is key to increasing your self confidence, bring in more courage, and embody your own truth.

So much of the time we hold on to old patterns of belief and behaviors that only serve those old beliefs. It is hard to shift out of them. Why? They were often placed within us in childhood. They have become normal to us. They are repeated over and over.

But, there is a way out, and it is the path of courage, self-confidence, and SOVEREIGNTY.

I claim myself to be The Sovereign Woman’s Coach, to draw on your courage and confidence to break through old patterns that have kept you from the life you want and the dreams you have. You can heal and transform. Affirmations are a quick start to holding the energy of WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE WANTING, so that you don’t keep falling backwards into how things always were.

“I Am Enough”. “I Am Powerful”. I Am Peaceful. Watch this video for more thorough explanations of how to do affirmations, and why there is great value in spending some time with this practice. Enjoy!

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