Ahh Spring! This Spring has arrived with a whole new sense of creativity and power for me.  I feel so free to live again after the vaccine.  AND, it is not lost on me how many countries are still without it, and how emotionally painful that is; India, Brazil, so many others. 

So what has this past Covid-2020 brought to me?  Isolation, lack of the beautiful hands-on work that I have grown used to doing for more than 30 years.  Loss of two yoga venues that couldn’t make it through the pandemic, and so losing and missing my students terribly.  And, quite frankly, not getting enough exercise… We all coped in different ways. 

I got very quiet.  Some of that is a good thing.  I realized, for one thing, that I was actually really fatigued, and used a great deal of my time to sit quietly and read and meditate, to do slow movement choreography, authentic movement (something I did years ago and really loved!) and dance that I improvised in my own living room, and I got back home to myself in a way that had alluded me somewhat because of being so “other-directed” for so many years. 

We also couldn’t travel, which had been a luxury that my husband and I were getting used to. 

These last four years had sent us to two family weddings and a Bat Mitzvah, and four trips to Europe, which fulfilled a dream that I had to travel and be in many beautiful and culturally exotic environments.   Not to mention the food!  I love Northern Italian food; the particular flavors and ways of preparing food that elevated it to an art form.  My passion for olives grew too, and really delicious olive oil.  And I actually learned how to make the little elephant ear pastas from a Southern Italian master. 

So what did we do instead?  All of the travel shows on Netflicks, of course!  Footloose in Italy, Scotland, England, etc, etc.  AND we zoomed…with family, friends, music buddies, Alexander Teachers; I actually got comfortable with teaching the Alexander Technique on zoom!  Never thought that would happen, but now I have a whole zoom protocol for dealing with stress and sore neck and butt syndrome. 

To that end, I wrote an e-book, which you can find on Amazon.com, called The Body-Mind Renewal Blueprint, ($2.99) and now my sequel to that is a Course I am calling “The 30 Day Renewal Map” which is almost complete.   I will let you know where you can find that too.  It consists of 30, 10-15 minute videos on all things Body-Mind. 

After all I am an Alexander Teacher and Healer, so I have to be good for something, right? I’m actually not bragging at all.  In fact, it has been a huge creative opportunity for me to share my wisdom of decades of doing this work. 

It has some yoga, pilates, AT, breathing instruction OF COURSE, and other body-mind-balance practices that have been helpful for me along the way, that emphasize stress reduction and self-care practices. 

It’s like ordering the pizza with all the stuff on it!  That means there is something for everyone. Here’s the video!



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