Hi, I’m Diane

A Holistic Life Coach, Alexander Technique Teacher and Intuitive Healer, ready to help you evolve your beautiful self.

Heal The Body

How I Began:

I always knew I wanted to be a dancer. When I moved to NYC, I had the dream of choreographing and dancing my own body of work. Things were going well until I started to experience extreme back pain, which began my healing journey and my discovery of the body-mind connection. I was led to various modalities, and ended up getting a degree in The Alexander Technique, a sophisticated hands-on learning method that helps to facilitate change in the whole person. I also added other modalities that welcomed in the energetic healing potential; Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Reiki. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, I was able to use my extensive knowledge of the body-mind-spirit connection to also heal from that, thank God. My practice flourished with all of these beautiful healing methods in my tool bag. I saw hundreds of clients over the years, and gained in my own mastery, which is what I hope for in all of my clients too.

Where I am now:

Ten years ago I certified as a Spiritual Life Coach, where I could focus on the physical, emotional AND energetic aspects of the lives of women in business. We are able to go very deep into the blocks and reasons why we get distracted, exhausted, and slow to action, ways that business is put off or sabotaged, and learn means to instead flourish and thrive. To make the connection between values and vision, and tie that in to the activities needed to create, the client is more ready and able to live the dream of doing the work they wish to bring forward into the world. Sometimes this requires more clarity and confidence, sometimes it is in finding and fully expressing with an authentic voice and to not being afraid to speak up and be heard. Sometimes it is less tangible, and we have to dig deep to find what is missing or illusive. This all takes courage, and a desire that matches the wellspring of our own creative potential. But the outcome is real, and the journey is well worth it.